In the R&D lab, many tests are being conducted.

We design and synthesize high-tech functional materials from nanomaterial synthesis, thin film coating materials, and optical materials to create the final product.

Research and development of infrared blocking materials has been ongoing for 20 years.

We have researched numerous materials such as organic diimmonium series, nickel complex series and inorganic type nano materials, and are still in the process of research and development without rest.

Metal coating materials can form ultra-thin films by wet coating.

Metal coating material has been made through many tests to make it suitable for roll-to-roll line.

We goal is to continue thinking about and realizing what ideas we will create in the future.

View and equipment

  • Inside the lab

  • high-speed dispersing equipment.

  • high temperature synthesis equipment.

  • solution synthesis equipment.

R&D 및 IP 실적

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