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We provide the best quality in eco-friendly and energy-based businesses, and contribute to the country and society through the creation of excellent human resources and core technologies.

Core values, best technology, talent-oriented, change-oriented Let's become the center of the world with core technology We have been leading the market based on the know-how of functional film-related materials accumulated over 18 years, and we will lead the creation of new markets


- Polymer synthesis
- Finding thin film defects
- Regulate the rate of nuclear growth
- Surface treatment technology
- Varnish design
- Convergence using applied technology
- Meta structure research
- Nanoparticle synthesis
- Nanoparticle orientation
- Eco nanoparticle synthesis
- Particle size and shape control
- Moment vector optical conversion technology
- IP design based on logic and evidence
- Fiber, Textile, Masterbatch
- Color matching
- Analysis
- Optical
- Colorless and characteristic
- Energy harvester
- Wavelength and millimeter wave
- AWO (almost elements doped ‌tungsten oxide)
‌- Film
- Development of special next-generation materials