The O-Metal designed a mirror effect functional coating solution by applying our proprietary metal precursor synthesis and coating technology

Excellent particle size uniformity and visible light gloss

High NIR blocking ability (cut off 800 ~ 2500nm) and strong durability

Excellent reducibility with low temperature pixel system applied (ex. Chamber temp 130°C, about 1 minute, Barcoat No. 4, 25um PET substrate)

O-Metal may have the appearance of a metal sputtered film. (ex. interior decoration film etc)


  • Contains metal ions in a transparent liquid.

    O-Metal are metal coating solutions that combine metal ions and the reducing system, the technology of The CO-M.

  •   No change after 1000 hours of QUV

      The mirror film coated with metal solution VX
      on PET has excellent durability


  • Coating on TPU substrate

  • Coating on PET substrate

  • Silver motion simulation image

Analysis result

  • Image of SPM coated on PET

  • Image of SPM coated on TPU

  • Silver Coated Film Reflectance

O-Metal Specification (metal solution)



Particle size


Solid contents

1.54~6.4 wt.%


10~20 cps

Base solvent

Alcohol or solvent

Customization possible after ordering consultation

O-Metal coating sol (RX, VX, DX) products are available to order