IROX infrared - cut

Near infrared blocking pigment and ink were designed by applying a proprietary nano-particle synthesis and dispersion technologies AWO™
Excellent particle size uniformity and visible transparency
High NIR blocking ability (cut off 800 ~ 2500nm) and strong durability
Excellent compatibility with various types of resins and any other dispersion sol (ex. ATO, ITO, organic pigment nano ink)
It does not cause metal oxidation when coated on metal sputtered film substrate.


  •   IROX AWO™
      nano dispersion & powder


  • Architecture window film
  • Automotive window film 
  • Photo-thermo keeping warm fiber


Specification ( IROX AWO™ dispersion sol)

Appearance Blue liquid
Particle size 40~50 nm
Solid contents up to 20 wt.%
Viscosity 10 ~ 50 cps
Base solvent MEK or MIBK
Customization possible after ordering consultation
Other IR-cut materials other than IROX AWO™, e.g. ATO, ITO and other materials can be ordered